Devotional - Navigating Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Scripture


In this 30-Day Devotional, Jeff invites Christian entrepreneurs to explore the intersection of faith and business. Drawing from Bible insights, the author offers practical guidance and spiritual wisdom to help readers navigate the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.

Beyond the Walls: Leadership Lessons for Kingdompreneurs


Nehemiah's transformation from cupbearer to leader exemplifies faith-driven leadership. His journey offers Kingdompreneurs vital insights into integrating biblical wisdom with business skill. This study reveals how Nehemiah’s prayerful leadership and community focus can inspire Christian entrepreneurs. Explore his strategies for overcoming challenges and uniting people under a shared vision, demonstrating how faith and action combine for impactful leadership. In three weeks, we uncover lessons from Nehemiah’s story to enhance our entrepreneurial journey, firmly rooted in God's guidance.

ChatGPT Ethics and Alignment Workbook


Align your ChatGPT usage with your faith using the "ChatGPT Ethics and Alignment Workbook." This essential guide provides Christian entrepreneurs with a structured framework to evaluate the ethical implications of AI, define core principles, and develop a strategic approach that integrates ChatGPT with their mission and values. Gain clarity, establish accountability, and optimize your AI usage while staying true to your purpose.

Harnessing AI for Your Business, God's Way


Unlock the power of AI for your God-first business with the "ChatGPT Quick Start Guide: Harnessing AI for Your Business, God's Way." This essential resource provides Christian entrepreneurs with a clear, actionable roadmap for integrating ChatGPT while staying true to their faith. Grow your business, serve customers, and glorify God with confidence using this comprehensive guide.


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